Tools Used:


● Contributed significantly to MERGE by spearheading UI/UX design initiatives and crafting visually captivating assets that enriched marketing collateral, bolstering brand communication throughout a brief-term involvement.
● Innovated and executed dynamic designs for print resources, including brochures, banners, and signs, fostering an engaging and cohesive brand presence.
● Enhanced user experience by incorporating UI/UX principles into design projects, resulting in intuitive and visually appealing interfaces that resonated with the target audience.
● Collaborated closely with cross-functional teams to align design aesthetics with brand guidelines, ensuring consistency and a seamless visual identity across various materials.
● Transformed concepts into tangible design deliverables, effectively conveying the brand's messaging and objectives while maintaining a high standard of design excellence.
● Leveraged eBlast design techniques to create impactful email marketing campaigns, optimizing engagement and communication with the audience.
● Demonstrated a keen eye for detail and a commitment to producing design solutions that effectively addressed both user needs and business goals.
● Contributed to the overall creative direction of projects, fostering innovation and maintaining a deep understanding of emerging design trends and industry best practices
● Played a pivotal role in MERGE's marketing efforts by delivering designs that resonated with the brand's values and mission, ultimately contributing to a more compelling market presence.

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